21 Biblical Success Secrets

This book is filled with insight and wisdom that will help you succeed in all areas of life. Unlike many other books which focus more on the good fruit of salvation every Christian is striving toward, 21 Biblical Success Secrets will show you how to deal with the bad roots causing bad fruit instead. When applied correctly, these principles get deep into the depths of your soul and help to cleanse you of everything preventing you from bearing good fruit and achieving true biblical success.

The insights in this book will be especially helpful for the person who has tried everything else and failed. If you wish to grow more by exploring eternal biblical truths often overlooked, this book is definitely for you.

By reading this book you will:
• Learn the four foundational principles of biblical success
• Come to understand your true purpose
• Discover your calling in this life
• Learn how to apply biblical truths that will help you change any situation or circumstance that does not line up with God’s will for your life

No matter what battle you are fighting, whether it be intense anger, anti-social behaviour, homosexuality, extreme poverty or any illness of the body or mind, there is no situation too big for God and anything can be changed to be in line with His Word, if we remain faithful to Him, use the tools and apply the methods He has provided.

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