Freedom From Sexual Sin
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Deal With Lust & Sexual Sin Effectively

The Bible says God is coming for His bride who is without spot or wrinkle. We therefore need to cleanse…

4 Ways We Hear God Speak
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How God Speaks Through The Bible

While it may not always be easy to hear God’s voice, the Bible is the foundation from which we learn…

Three Irrefutable Traits of a Christian
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Three Irrefutable Traits Of A True Christian

The Bible explains that a True Christian is someone who bears recognisable fruit, which looks different from the old sinful…

False Christianity
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Are You A False Christian?

Are you a Christian, but deep down you have this gut feeling that something isn’t right? It could be that…

Wedding Feast - Are You Ready For The Second Coming?
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Wedding Feast Vision… Are You Ready?

It was this morning on 24 May 2020 around 01:45 am when God gave me a vision about His second…

North Korea - Kim Jong Un
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Urgent Call To Pray For North Korea

2 months ago God started to speak to me about North Korea. It is now 2 months later and there…

How To Reach A Sinners Heart
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How To Reach A Sinner’s Heart

One of the most frustrating things is to share the gospel with someone you care for but who still rejects…

Overcome Your Fear - Share Your Faith
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Overcome Your Fear And Share Your Faith

Do you struggle to share the gospel with other people? Are you afraid to step out in faith? Every Christian…

The Armor of God
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How To Wear The Armour Of God

There is a battle going on for lost souls, and we can only share the gospel effectively if we learn…

God Resists The Proud But Give Grace To The Humble
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The Heart Of The Problem Is Pride

Do you feel like God is resisting you, or do you know someone who seems to be blind to the…