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Making Sense Of Natural Disasters

Locusts, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, viruses and plagues – how do we make sense of natural disasters that cause damage…

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10 Biblical Money Secrets

With over 2 300 Bible verses on money, wealth and possessions, it is no wonder there are so many diverse…

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21 Biblical Success Secrets

This book is filled with insight and wisdom that will help you succeed in all areas of life. Unlike many…

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Why Jesus Said He Is The Only Way

It was around 30 – 33 A.D. when a man who was known as Jesus of Nazareth made an unprecedented…

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The Faith Dimension

Hardship is a word with a basic definition which we all understand, and yet the actual meaning of the word…

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Why You Should Learn How To Share The Gospel With Someone, Today

If you ever attended a course on how to evangelise or reach out to the lost, chances are good you…

How To Evangelise Effectively
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How To Evangelise Effectively

Every day, approximately 150,000 people die. Jesus said in Matthew 7:13 that we are to enter through the narrow gate,…

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The Truth About Absolute Truths

The statement, there is no absolute truth, implies there is no real right or wrong, and that truth should be…

The Power of Praise and Worship
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Why You Should Praise And Worship More Often

Praise and worship has the power to break the chains of spiritual and physical bondage. It is the key that can…

calling the things that are not as though they were
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Why The Words You Speak Matter

The Word of God is our sword and shield. We activate the Word when we speak it with faith-filled authority….