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Choosing To Have Children, Even When The Future Looks Uncertain 

Do you or someone you know consider NOT having children because of how uncertain the future looks? Or maybe you…

Dealing With Covid-19 Fears
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Dealing With Covid-19 Fears

Right now, one of the biggest issues surrounding the Covid-19 crisis is fear.  Most of the world has been under…

President Donald J Trump
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Did The Prophets Get It Wrong?

Pastors and self-proclaimed prophets recently came under fire for their wild predictions that President Donald J. Trump would serve a…

Wedding Feast - Are You Ready For The Second Coming?
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Wedding Feast Vision… Are You Ready?

It was this morning on 24 May 2020 around 01:45 am when God gave me a vision about His second…

North Korea - Kim Jong Un
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Urgent Call To Pray For North Korea

2 months ago God started to speak to me about North Korea. It is now 2 months later and there…