How To Deal With Frustration Anger Emotional Outbursts
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If You Struggle With Anger & Emotional Outbursts, Try This

If you are a Christian, then I’m sure you can relate when I say it is not always easy to…

How To Deal With Trauma And Pain Effectively
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How To Deal With Trauma & Emotional Pain, Effectively

It was in 2010 that I started to experience massive loss. Over a period of about 4 years, everything that…

Dealing With Covid-19 Fears
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Dealing With Covid-19 Fears

Right now, one of the biggest issues surrounding the Covid-19 crisis is fear.  Most of the world has been under…

Three Irrefutable Traits of a Christian
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Three Irrefutable Traits Of A True Christian

The Bible explains that a True Christian is someone who bears recognisable fruit, which looks different from the old sinful…

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If You Have Filled Your Mind With Junk, Here Is How To Clean It

We all have heard the saying “Garbage In, Garbage Out.” The saying is based on the fact that when we…

The Purpose For Suffering & Hardship
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The Purpose For Suffering & Hardship

Someone once said that there are no atheists on an aeroplane when there is severe turbulence. Similarly, many people who…

Why Does God Allow Suffering
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Why God Allows Suffering

Why we experience hardship and why God allows suffering is one of the toughest issues Christians and non-Christians have to…

Seek First The Kingdom
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Do You Seek First The Kingdom Of God, Or Your Own?

If Christians and the Church would take this commandment to seek first the Kingdom to heart, the world would notice…

Honor And Respect For Others
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What Does The Bible Say About Honour & Respect?

Humans were made admirable, praiseworthy, respectable and good, and God expects us to treat our fellow human beings accordingly. We…

When Christians Contradict Christ
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When Christians Contradict Christ

The biggest anti-Christian campaign in the world is run by Christians. For centuries, those who claimed to bear the name…