Why Does God Allow Suffering
Posted in Faith & Hardship

Why God Allows Suffering

Why we experience hardship and why God allows suffering is one of the toughest issues Christians and non-Christians have to…

Seek First The Kingdom
Posted in Victory & Deliverance

Do You Seek First The Kingdom Of God, Or Your Own?

If Christians and the Church would take this commandment to seek first the Kingdom to heart, the world would notice…

Know Your Calling
Posted in Victory & Deliverance

There Is A Calling On Your Life

This is the first and foremost calling in our lives. We are called to choose life. We are called to…

Understand Your Purpose
Posted in Victory & Deliverance

What Is The Purpose Of Man’s Existence?

Whenever this question is asked, “What is the purpose of man’s existence?”, you can be sure to get all sorts…