The Faith Dimension

Hardship is a word with a basic definition which we all understand, and yet the actual meaning of the word is different for all of us. For some, hardship means driving an older unreliable vehicle which sometimes won’t start. Others have to work long hours including weekends, while friends or family members work only half-day for double the pay. For many, hardship means not always having something to eat.

Then there are those who experience hardship at a level so difficult and intense, you will only appreciate the true meaning of it if you yourself went through it. Someone who was molested, for example, experienced a pain far more traumatic and intense than anybody else could understand unless they themselves had also gone through a similar experience. The same goes for those who experienced the loss of a child, went through a divorce or walked the road of battling an incurable disease. For those people the word ‘hardship’ has taken on a whole new meaning. The reality of the pain experienced can be so great it will either make the person or break the person.

Life is not about whether you will experience the storms or not. Rather, life is about what you are made of when the storm comes, and how much you are able to grow while you are enduring the storm. Faith, when applied correctly, is the key by which we not only endure hardship but also overcome it.

By reading this book you will:

• Discover what faith really is
• Learn how to activate your faith
• Become aware of the things that tend to get us out of faith
• Gain new perspective on why we sometimes go through extremely difficult times
• Learn how to not only endure but also overcome hardship

What calling is there on your life? What difference can you make on the earth? The world needs you to push the boundaries of the dimension of your faith beyond what you think is possible, so you can overcome hardship and do the seemingly impossible. It is a dying world, and it is in dire need of your help…

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